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"Lindsey was our 'day of' wedding coordinator who did a fantastic job! While we only hired her for the day of, she took the time to meet with me before hand to make a schedule of the day to ensure everything went smoothly. Lindsey did a wonderful job of checking in with me throughout the wedding day, checking on all of the behind the scene details, and making sure the groomsmen were taken care of. She was thoughtful enough to get the men food so they didn't have empty stomachs, and made sure my husband knew to hand write me a card for our special day. She met with all of the vendors as they arrived at the sight and helped to wrap up the evening as well. Lindsey did a great job of reminding me that she was on top of it all and to not worry about a thing. She was very professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Lindsey for future events!"

- Kate Greer

Event: Wedding



Photos by Alex & Jana Photography | Sarah & Brent Photography | Half Full Photography | LW Photos

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